Upon receipt of artwork, each work is fully examined. A condition report and a treatment proposal outlining treatment options and costs are prepared for the owner. Photographic documentation is provided for all treatments.

All methods and materials used uphold the code of ethics and guidelines for practice set forth by the AIC.

Paintings and Murals

  • Securing of loose, fragile media

  • Cleaning – grime and varnish removal

  • Structural repair – tears, lining, and humidification / flattening

  • Aesthetic compensation – filling, inpainting, and varnishing


  • Securing of loose elements
  • Surface cleaning
  • Replacement of lost composition and gesso decoration
  • Inpainting

 Works on Paper

  • Cleaning – Surface cleaning and washing

  • Structural repair – tears, creases, and humidification / flattening

  • Aesthetic compensation – inserts, filling, and inpainting

Conservation Assessment

GLAC performs both surveys of individual works and entire collections for cultural institutions to aid in identifying and prioritizing their conservation needs and to generate condition reports and cost estimates for treatment.